Korr is an award-winning chartered architectural practice with offices in the UK and Portugal. We are a member of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects-UK) and OA (Ordem dos Arquitectos-Portugal).
With over 30 years’ experience, our diverse portfolio includes residential and commercial projects across the UK, Brazil and Portugal. Our work includes both newbuild and refurbishment, including conservation and historic buildings.

Korr is a design-led practice with attention to the concept and details to create an architecture that is about the people who use it and inspired by the place and its context. We are committed to producing a more sustainable, efficient and flexible building with simplicity and beauty – architecture that connects to and enhances the day-to-day lives of their users.

Architect as Developer
With many years’ experience acting as both architect and developer of our own buildings, we understand the client’s point of view and the construction process in every stage of the process. The balance between award-winning design and craft skills in different countries help us create well-designed buildings that respond to the needs of their users and increase in value faster than average.

Working collaboratively with clients and the wider industry we can offer services from concept and detailed design to final completion including:

  • with comparative analysis, help clients to make the right strategic decisions and recommend the best approach to achieve quality in design and construction within the budget.
  • if needed, provide expert advice for home buyers and investors with Land Acquisition to build, or Property Find for improvement and adding value. undertake planning and sustainability appraisal of the site, and recommend a team of local professionals and consultants with appropriate knowledge and skills to deliver the quality aspirations.
  • develop Architectural Concept aligned to the client’s requirements, and context of the place.
  • working with many Local Authorities, we have the experience to help our client achieve successful planning outcomes on challenging sites.
  • prepare all Technical Design, information and specifications required to manufacture and construct the building. Projects are developed with the use of a powerful 3D programme to improve efficiency and communication during the design and build process, reducing risks and costs.
  • when required, monitor and inspect the progress of construction, to ensure the quality and the delivery of the project in line with the original design and the building contract. This process will include issuing the Final Certificate