Lowdells Lane – East Grinstead

Lowdells Lane (East Grinstead) –¬†Revitalisation Plan

The proposal is the revitalisation & development of part of Lowdells Lane, a forgotten and neglected part of town between East Grinstead and Felbridge.

The objective is to develop a sustainable catchment area, not only to link the two existing parts of the road, but also to enhance this public space with a bike lane, footpath, street furnishings, planters, and community activities.

The plan creates a vehicle-free environment, a reinvigorated and vibrant road to improve and enhance the quality and attractiveness of the neighborhood. An environment for leisure, recreation and social interaction.

The proposal aims for a sustainable development by understanding all the features of the site. The use of rainwater and organic composting systems with renewable and locally sourced materials minimizes environmental impact and supports the local economy. The new landscape also protects the existing trees, vegetation and the topography of the site with new street furnishings.