Services and strategy
We have tried-and-tested processes in place to shepherd your project from the glimmer of an idea right through to the finish line. But a building project is more than just a process, and we know that having someone to support you through the excitement and uncertainty of the many different stages is crucial. That’s part of our job too.

Preparation and briefing
We listen carefully to your ideas and your aspirations, and together we talk through every aspect of the project – the site, sustainability, budget, timescale, planning constraints, community and context. Then we prepare the project brief. We think about what you need now and how your family or business might evolve in the future.

The project brief explains what’s possible and lays out how we can give you everything you’re hoping for (and more).

If you’re looking for a property or land on which to build, we’ll guide you on that quest too. We want to help you make the right decisions from the very start.

Design process
Using the project brief as our starting point, we develop a design concept which fits the context, your budget and your aspirations. We start with hand-drawn sketches and then move to the computer.

Once you’re fully on board with the concept, we turn it into a developed design. We keep any planning conditions and other constraints (including your budget) firmly in mind, and we use 3D modelling to show you exactly how your new spaces will work. With our powerful software, we bring the building to life and allow you to visualise every detail.

Now the drawings become more detailed. We develop the technical design, looking at structural elements and other practical considerations. This gives us what we need for the preparation of the Building Systems information, which includes material specifications and the schedule of works for the contractor. Our 3D software reduces risks and costs, while ensuring accuracy and clear communication to everyone involved. We’re putting everything in place for an efficient construction process.

Planning application submission
We prepare and then submit the planning application on your behalf, working closely with the local authorities throughout the process. We frequently deal with complex applications for listed buildings, conservation areas and
constrained urban settings, and our knowledge and experience in planning legislation means that we’re able to gain planning permission on difficult sites.

Construction quality management
A good construction process starts with getting the right people on board. We help you find a vetted contractor, and we draw on our network of trusted people to put the right local team together. Then we advise you on the best form of contract for your project.

We’re on hand throughout the construction process, ensuring that everything is up to scratch – the craftmanship, the materials, the building’s sustainability credentials. We do everything we can to improve productivity and profitability, and to eliminate waste.

We issue regular reports and approve your milestone payments to the contractor. We keep a careful eye on costs, and we monitor spending as works progress from one phase to the

When everything is just as it should be, with any little outstanding issues resolved, we perform a final inspection and issue the final certificate. Now the building is ready to be handed over to you.

How the building performs will be key to the wellbeing, enjoyment and safety of everyone who uses it, so we talk you through the ‘building manual’ and make sure you have all the information and understanding you need. We want your building to serve you well for many years to come.